Friday, June 28, 2013

My Friday Favorite and Not Favorite,
 So if you are reading my blog, it's pretty obvious that I JUST started blogging, and while I might be new to blogging myself I am not new to reading them. Some of my favorite blogs to read are people's "Favorite" blogs, or blogs similar to those. A lot of the ones I read have a lot of favorites, but I think to keep things easy and simple and I'm going to do just one "favorite" and one "not favorite" from the previous week every Friday! 

 Okay, here we go! My Favorite this Friday is...(drum roll)...the Nars highlighter in Albatross. It's sold with the blushes and is sooo gorgeous! It's the perfect mix of a shimmery white and shimmery gold, and  matches my skin tone perfectly. I have been eyeing it for such a long time now and this week I finally caved and bought it! I had been putting off buying it, because it's a tad pricey. It ended up costing me $31, which was actually less than I had been anticipating. Who doesn't love that?!

My Not Favorite this week is...really long car rides! As you may know, I'm currently in Florida and it took a twelve hour drive to get here. While the drive was more than worth it, I am really dreading the drive back to Texas tomorrow! 

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  1. What a great idea, I absolutely love it! I've never tried NARS, but that's a pretty shade. Have a safe trip home!