Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm in love with a loafer

Hello lovies,

 I hope y'all had a fun Saturday, I certainly had an interesting one. I went to Austin last night to baby sit and on the way my car broke down, so my best friend and her aunt (who I was babysitting for) had to come pick me up from a random Target. I was so upset I couldn't even enjoy the fact that I got to go to Target, sad I know. So needless to say I spent my Saturday in limbo trying to figure out when my car would be ready and how I was going to get to it. Luckily it is all fixed now and I am back at home safe and sound!
  So now let's talk about the important things, loafers! I first saw these when SarahBelle93x included them in one of her videos and I fell in love. She said they were from Kohl's and were on sale, so I checked it out and I found them online for about $20. Which wasn't bad, because the original price was about $54. But I just wasn't sure I loved them enough to pay for shipping and have to get them shipped to the apartment and worry about the office losing them. So I decided to wait and think about it for a few days. Then I spotted a Kohl's on my way home today, and naturally I stopped to see if they had them in my size. Let me tell you they did, and they had them for $11.90! So I saved $44 on these little cuties! Talk about a steal!

  I know not everyone will like these, but I think they are super cute and fun. If you do like them and want a pair I suggest you head on out to your local Kohl's and snag a pair before they're all gone!

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