Thursday, February 27, 2014

Friday Fave/Not Fave

Hello again lovies! 

 My Fave: is this new baby oil/gel that my friend suggested to me after I was complaining to her about my awful winter dry skin. After much searching I have finally found my cure, it's Johnson's baby oil gel. I found it with the baby stuff at Target, if you have been fighting dry skin like I have you need to try it!

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 NOT FAVE: is that I don't really have a spring break this year, or have ever had one. I have never been to the beach or had the typical college spring break experience. Now that I am finally 21, I have to work (boo)! I am lucky, though, that my boss was able to give me the first weekend off, so here's to fitting a whole week of fun into one weekend! Anyone else think this could be a recipe for disaster? (just kidding, I swear I'm actually really responsible) What are y'alls spring break plans, anything fun?

Thanks for reading!
Christine Henson

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