Friday, September 27, 2013


Hello lovies!

  Sorry it's been so long! Going to school, working, cheer, AND blogging is a lot for this girl to keep up with. And yes I did say cheering, which will be another post in itself....stay tuned! For now I'm doing an all make up fave/not have, and I am really excited about my fave this week. It has become one of my "holy grail" make up products.

FAVE: My fave is Benefit's They're Real mascara. Y'all this stuff is the best! I could just go on and on about how good it works, it doesn't clump or smudge and the brush is just perfect. I really feel like the brush coats every lash while separating at the same time. For me a brush that separates is super important, I don't want my lashes to be close and clumped together (who does?). It is a tad pricey at $23 a tube, but mine has lasted a really long time and I feel like I've gotten my money's worth. I've people say that they feel like the tube should be bigger for they price, but I feel like I've gotten a lot of product out of that little tube. After I heard that I thought that I would probably run out soon, so I bought a second tube and I still haven't opened it yet. That was probably about two months ago that I bought that second tube!
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NOT FAVE: The fact that I really want to find a liquid foundation for night time and going out, but I just don't even know where to begin. I don't know why liquid foundations make me feel so overwhelmed but they really do. I use bare minerals loose powder and always have, so liquids are pretty foreign to me. I can't even decide if I want to go drugstore or high end, or both! But then at the same time all the higher end ones that I would try are really out of my budget at the moment. I also can't decide which drugstore one would be any good! It all just makes my head spin, I should probably just get one and be done with it. Do y'all have a fave liquid foundation? I obviously need suggestions.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love that mascara! I got a little sample from Sephora for my birthday and I've already used it all up! Nice pick! :)