Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ootd: Interview

Hello lovies,

  I hope y'all are had a wonderful Tuesday and a great start to your weeks! Today I wanted to share an outfit I wore for an interview a couple of days ago. I think that comfort is extremely important for an interview. You obviously want to look appropriate and professional, but if you're not comfortable and don't feel like yourself your interviewer will not get to see the real you! (Duh) So here is my take on a comfy yet appropriate interview outfit.
Dress: so old I don't remember where it's from, Shoes: Target (clearance), Jewlery: stella and dot, fossil, and my grandma's pearls (for good luck)

  Side note: I have been after these shoes all summer, and I do mean all summer! So when I was at Target and saw that they were finally on clearance I knew that I had to get them, and there was only one pair in my size left! It was like a sign from God. But then I went the next day with my roommates, and they had been marked down even more to $10!! Can you believe that?! To console myself I decided that if I'd waited my size would have been gone and I wouldn't have these shoes that I'd been dying over all summer long...

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