Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A little back to school haul

Hello again lovies,
  It has a been a slightly crazy week so far and it's only Tuesday. It's been crazy because I started classes this Monday and had to buy books which, let me tell you, nearly sent me into cardiac arrest. I am a firm believer that college text books are some of the Devil's best work, I HATE buying them but am always way too scared to go without them.

  But anyways...this post is not about textbooks, it is about my what I got when my wonderful mother took my sister and I back to school shopping! I did slightly fail though because I forgot to remember how much everything cost, so I'll do my best to guess for y'all. I feel like I got everything for really reasonable prices, except my wunder uners which were my splurge of the trip. And I did stop at H&M for the very first time and pretty much fell in love. A lot of their stuff was a little too "edgy" for me, and I felt like some of their jewelry was kind of cheap looking. Other than that I thought it was a really great store, and I will be returning! So with that being said here is my "haul"

H&M: $12.99 this is the most perfect slouchy, comfy shirt that I have already paired with my wunder unders, and it was the perfect combo.
LuLu Lemon:$72 (I think) I have heard so many good things about LuLu Lemon and the wunder unders, so I finally got myself a pair and have been happy so far. I think this material is a lot cooler than the other yoga pants I own, and in this Texas heat that is a HUGE plus!

H&M:$35 You can't tell in the pic, but this dress is actually royal blue. I just wore it this weekend for a friend's birthday and really liked it. I paired it with my yellow Kendra Scott earrings and it was such a great color combo. I'll be blogging about that outfit and her b-day later this week.

H&M:$12.99 I think the pic pretty much speaks for itself. This is such a great statement necklace I just couldn't pass it up, and I can't wait to style it. You guys will be seeing it a lot I'm sure.

H&M: I do not remember the price at all, but I know it wasn't too bad. I had to pick this up, because the polka dots are maroon! SO perfect for game day!!

Dick's:$80 I've already blogged about these here, so check out that post to see what I have to say about these pretties!

  So there is my first haul! It was a semi small one, but it is just always so fun to go shop and then share all your great finds with your girlfriends. At least it is for me, so I hope y'all enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading

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