Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Fave/Not Fave

Happy Friday lovies!

  It's that time of week again! My Friday fave and not fave!

  FAVE: This week I decided to stop by pay less to see if they had any cute summer wedges. Even though summer is almost over, I just really felt like I did not have enough wedges. I have one pair of white wedges, featured here, and one pair of black closed toe wedges that I feel are more wintery than summery. I feel like pay less is really hit or miss, and you never know if you'll find anything good or not. This time I lucked out, I found these cuties for $12.99! Pay less is having they're back to school sale, and they actually have almost everything marked down to unbeatable prices. Unfortunately you just never know what you might find in your size, but I do recommend checking it out!

{Here they are}

  NOT FAVE: My not fave this week is the stresses of moving! I am moving next Saturday into my very first big girl apartment! While I am so excited to move and be on my own, I am also stressed beyond belief. I feel like I still have so much packing and cleaning to do, and then I'll have so much unpacking and cleaning to do. I think I just need like 28 hour days instead of 24 hour days. I could get more done then, right? 

  I hope y'all have a great weekend! Have fun and be safe! 

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  1. Those wedges are too cute! I'm in need of some new shoes, so I'll have to check payless out... that's a great sale!