Thursday, August 1, 2013

Product Review: John Frieda go blonder spray

  Sooo it's been quite a while since I last posted (oops). I've just been super busy with work, and a couple weekend trips that I'll hopefully get around to blogging about this weekend or next week.

  But for now I'm doing my first product review for all my blonde readers, yay! A good friend of mine told me about this spray, I was telling her how good her hair looked and how it looked like she'd just gotten it done. She said it had been three weeks since she last got her hair highlighted, I was mind blown! She told me that she had just been spraying, John Frieda go blonder, on her hair and it got rid of her roots.

  I decided to go ahead and get it and see how it worked on my hair. So far I have been very pleased with it, I think it definitely has lightened my hair and helped to hide my roots. I spray it on my damp hair after I shower before I blow dry, straighten, or spend time in the sun. Needless to say I use it pretty much every night, because I'm always using some form of heat on my hair (aren't we all?). I was really nervous when I first used it, because it has peroxide in it and I've heard of peroxide doing bad things to your hair. Luckily I haven't had any crazy problems with it. My only issue is that I wish the bottle was bigger, and I wish the sprayer was different. I feel like it's hard to spray it evenly on my hair because it's like a pump sprayer, but when I think I've done a really bad job spraying I just brush through my hair a little.
 The bottle says that it can lighten highlights if you only spray it on sections, or your whole head if you spray your whole head. I don't know how this would work because I only spray it on my roots, because that's all I feel like I need to lighten.
 Overall I feel like this product has done what it says it will, and has done a really good job of it. I thought it was also pretty reasonably priced too, I think it was about $8. Not too bad for a hair product, but like I said I do wish I was getting more product for my $8. So if you're a blondie and you hate roots, I definitely suggest buying this!

{a pic of the bottle}

Thanks for reading, lovies!


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